New threads model in our offer

In response to customer demand, starting form the New Year, our company introduces new preform to its offer. Preforms with a new kind of thread 28mm - "short neck PCO 1881" on weights: 12.8 g, 14.8 g, 27.5 g, 28.0 g
Preforms with 28mm threads have evolved over the past few years.
Starting from the thread BPF by HPCO, to commonly used PCO 1810. In the permanent quest to reduce weight preforms was created thread PCO 1881, which is about 4mm shorter the threads PCO 1810 and 1.5 g lighter.


          BPF               HPCO       PCO 1810 PCO 1881
diameter [mm] 28.0 28.0 28.0 28.0
height [mm] 23.0 23.0 21.0 17.0
weight [g] 6.0 5.2 5.0 3.5